Economic Growth

Fairborn has done well in recent years in regards to economic growth. That does not mean we let up. Fairborn has the room to grow. This includes supporting of programs and providing resources that help local and start-up businesses, in the effort to bring these businesses to our downtown vacancies. Spark Fairborn is great example of these efforts.

It is also important to support efforts to bring light industry, manufacturing and other businesses that can provide living wages to the area. 

Strengthening Community 

There are many things that can be improved to strengthen the community such as promoting opportunities and encouraging involvement within the community and nurturing a culture of diversity and inclusion. Improving communication between the residents and the city and finding ways to improve accessibility of information will also go a long way in improving city-community relationship. As a diverse community, we should strive to be one that embraces and respects the values of all.

Environmental Sustainability

Promoting and encouraging economic sustainability within our community is important. This includes the efforts to be more energy efficient and to consider alternative energy methods,  educating the public on recycling and reducing waste.

Bath Township Biodigester

The biodigester in Bath Township is also a major issue for the residents of Fairborn. If you are smelling a strong manure or sewage smell, this is most likely the source. While currently it is mainly routinely affecting an estimated 1000 homes within Fairborn, there are plans for an expansion of the facility to the tune of 6 times the current one. If this is allowed I believe that the stink caused by this facility will ultimately engulf all of Fairborn. The smell is not the only concern, there are also environmental impacts that should also be considered. While this biodigester is outside of the city, there are things that can be done to help the effort to get the current issues addressed and to ensure no further expansion. These efforts would include engaging leaders from county and state level as well as the Ohio EPA about how this is effecting our citizens.